Like they say in the used car ads, "My Problem is Your Opportunity"
My closets, like my bras, are busting at the seams!
Time to make room for new outfits.

I'd be happy to give some of my outfits to GoodWill, but honestly they
are mostly custom-made to fit me, and there are not a lot of girls who
can fill out my clothes the way I do.

So, for those of you interested in owning this apparel, outfits I have done actual photo shoots in, this is your chance!

And not only do you get the outfit, but you also get a signed, personalized 8x10 picture of me in it, like this example.

Everything will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Email me from
the special email link for each item and I will email you back with the
instructions on how to have my clothes for your very own.

Items will be marked as "FOR SALE", "SPOKEN FOR" or "SOLD"
Once I get an email indicating that someone wants to buy an item it will
change from "For Sale" to "Spoken For". Once the item is shipped to the
buyer, it will change from "Spoken For" to "Sold" Should a transaction not
be completed the item will revert back to "For Sale."

If you are interested in an item, please communicate through the
email "Click Here" link for that particular item.

Summer Sale !


ITEM 306 Canelo/Golovkin Shirt
WAS $430.00 NOW $330.00

8x10 Prints of any of these "closet" images are for sale in the "Closet *8x10"
area of my ONLINE STORE.