Your birthday?

March 7

Where were you brought up and where do you reside now?

I was born, raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.
I’m currently in a northern suburb of the Twin Cities.

What is a normal day for you?

It depends, but typically if I’m at home I usually rise at 8 a.m.,
make some breakfast, shower and get ready for the day.
Workouts and online action are normally on the schedule.

What kind of men are you attracted to?

First off: they need to be respectful and clean. Good hygiene is big with me.
Brainy and a good sense of humor – that does it for me. Someone who is outgoing
and honest is always appreciated. But most importantly, a guy who can look past the boobs.
Someone who can look in my eyes first. Someone who can take charge is always good
and strong arms are a must. (If they get the chance to lift this pair they’ll find it’s not easy.)

Do you have any role models?

That’s easy. My mother. She’s a person I love to emulate.
She’s so confident and such a classy lady.
She’s accomplished a lot in her life despite many obstacles.

A good book? Oh, yeah!

I love to read. I average about one book a week.
I’ll dive into anything and my interests do vary.
Fiction or non-fiction are both fun. I like a thrill and mysteries are neat.
Of course historical or biographical is always good. I regularly comb the reviews.
My favorite authors are Ha Jin, Anne Rice and Charles Dickens.

Favorite gifts

Anything to do with lighthouses or elephants.
Also, I love the perfume: Abercrombie & Fitch.

What about music?

I enjoy country and 80’s rock. Disco is fun too.


Well, I still miss Seinfeld, but I enjoy Friends, Law and Order
and I try to catch Dr. Phil and Oprah when I can.


I LOVE going to the movies, but having the BIGGEST BOOBS in the world can make it challenging because
I can't fit my GIANT boobs into one seat unless they're hanging over into the seats next to me.
So I try to avoid an opening of a new movie because there are no extra seats normally available.
Or if I'm with an understanding friend, I can get by with one seat if I turn to my side and rest my boobs on his lap.
But they're extremely heavy and not too many guys can handle the crushing boob weight for 2 hours. Along with the narrow seating,
it's also tight in the aisles and if it's a full theater I always have a difficult time coming and going back to my seat and bumping my boobs into people.

That being said, some of my favorite movies are:

Walk the Line
Shawshank Redemption
Schindler’s List
Black Hawk Down
The Notebook
Saving Private Ryan
Forrest Gump
Dances with Wolves
The Green Mile
Django Unchained
Crazy, Stupid, Love

O.K. Enough chit chat - tell us about your boobies - first your measurements?

Boob size: the Biggest in the World, in the Universe and the only breasts that
expand every minute of every day because of my string implants.

With breasts that size, how do you find clothes?

It’s not easy. Typically, for everyday garments I shop at the "big-girl" stores for tops
and then take them to my local seamstress to fit the waist and shoulders.
Pants and skirts I can buy off the rack (size 5). My costumes, dresses, etc., are made by several designers.
My bras are all custom-made, many of which are sewn tirelessly by Sheer Fantasy Lingerie.

How heavy are they?

They're well over 40 pounds EACH, (well over 18 kilos EACH) and as
long-time fans know, this number grows on a daily basis.

What kind of implants do you have?

I have the string implants, designed and "installed" by Dr. Johnson in Houston, Texas.
I can’t thank him enough. He did a super job!


The string implants are sometimes referred to as silly string,
in part, because they have an interesting side affect. They "grow."
The string itself irritates the breast pocket which, in turn,
promotes the production of fluid and subsequent growth of the breasts.
In some cases, only one breast will grow or they’ll grow at a different pace.
Thankfully, that didn’t happen to me. They grow in unison every minute of the day,
however, the pace has steadily slowed over the years.

During my first surgery, the initial string content was equivalent to 2500cc.
My doctors measured the growth of each breast at well over 18,000cc as of
summer 2014. That number grew again to over 21,000 cc as of December 2014.

Do you mind the growth?

Not at all. That was the whole point. Unlike the saline and silicone bags
that can only expand to a certain point and are often subject to breakage,
the string is perfect if you want to keep getting bigger. The one minor problem
might be the expense of buying new clothes all the time. But I love to shop, so what the heck!

How big were those magnificent mams – originally?

I was a natural D cup and began developing in the fourth grade.

How many surgeries?

I’ve gone under the knife three times. The first boosted me to an E cup.
The second to an HH. Both were saline bags. The third? Stay tuned.

Your inspiration?

Traci Topps and Sarenna Lee. Traci was the first feature I saw perform.
She was so sweet and down to earth. The second was Sarenna Lee, who incidentally,
I saw (for the first time) the night before my first boob job. She was so bubbly and again down to earth.
t was proof to me that being mega-busty and living a "normal" life was possible. I thank them both.

Do your breasts get in the way?

Not so much, except when shaving my legs, painting my toe nails or maneuvering
through tight spaces.However, I should note that during the first few months after
having the third and final jumbo-boost, it did take a few adjustments with regards to eating
and other daily tasks that I once took for granted
(there’s nothing more annoying than having food disappear into your cleavage).

Does your back hurt?

No, but exercise is the key.

How do you sleep?

Just like everybody else, with my eyes closed. However sleeping on my tummy is tough to do.

What do your relatives think?

I have a great family. At first they were curious, but now it’s a non-issue.
They’re very confident and don’t exhibit the shallow personalities you
might see in some people. Confidence is definitely contagious.

What about in public?

I’m not someone who generally dresses for attention on a daily basis,
but again, it’s difficult to hide. People take an extra glance sometimes and
I can understand why. I’m different. Every now and again I hear a few whispers,
but it’s not worth reacting too. Life is too short to concern myself with people
who still need to mature socially. There are a lot of bored people in the world.

Have you ever considered a breast reduction?

Not yet. I’m having too much fun and wouldn’t want to upset my fans.

Why be the biggest breasted woman on the planet?

Why not? Again it’s fun to be different. Life is too short to be anything else.