Welcome to the WebMaster page of chelseacharms.com.
For many of her thousands of fans, I'm sure that being Chelsea's webmaster seems like a dream job. This is not a FAQ page about Chelsea herself, but I will tell you that many of the ideas incorporated into this site are hers and she takes an active hand in the management and creative decisions involving it. Since this site began she has progressed from a computer newbie to someone who can move about the electronic world with confidence and competence. This ability, combined with the fact that she is simply fun to work with, does indeed make mine a dream job. Questions for Chelsea can now go directly to her on the new Webforum Message Board. Just click MESSAGEBOARD on the navigator below. Please send your questions about the site, technical inquiries, praise and spare change to me, Cubeman, at the webmaster link at the bottom of the page. We are always open to suggestions about how to make chelseacharms.com more enjoyable for everyone.

Membership in this site is a contract between yourself and ccbill.com. You can cancel by going to the same page that you joined on.

There you will find a "customer support" button. If you joined using a credit card, you will need to know the email address you used when you signed up, and either the credit card number you used, or your subscription number you were given.

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Sites such as this one are subject to many hazards of the internet such as hacking, password sharing, multiple system users, brute force attacks and outright image theft. In order to protect this site from rising bandwidth costs and to keep a membership valuable, we have engaged a service called PENNYWIZE. You can learn how it works at www.pennywize.com. It limits the daily download from a single username/password (this limit should certainly allow much much more than the normal user would consume in a day) - it limits the number of failed logon attempts (hacking) - it limits the number of IP addresses using the same username/password combo. It should be seamless and invisible to normal member usage. We are still tweaking the settings so please notify us if you run into a pennywize block so we can understand how best to use this tool. It is our desire to provide the best service to our good and loyal members and to block access to those who would selfishly devalue the ChelseaCharms experience for everyone.


1. If you think you've overused the site, (downloaded ofve 600 MB in one 24 hour period of time) email the webmaster

2. If you do NOT think you've overused the site, the only other possibility is that someone else is using your username and password. Please let CUBEMAN know your username and what the screen from Pennywize said was the reason for blocking your username, if any.

3. In most cases we will solve this by assigning you a NEW username and password. CUBEMAN will email you back with a request for your choice of new UN and PW.


All the images ever seen on this site will be available for download. The previous three member updates - video and still are available in the archive section.

Updates older than those are in Chelsea's Vault, conveniently ZIPPED for easy download, and available for a nominal fee.