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For many of her thousands of fans, I'm sure that being Chelsea's webmaster seems like a dream job. This is not a FAQ page about Chelsea herself, but I will tell you that many of the ideas incorporated into this site are her's and she takes an active hand in the management and creative decisions involving it. Since this site began she has progressed from a computer newbie to someone who can move about the electronic world with confidence and competence. This ability, combined with the fact that she is simply fun to work with, does indeed make mine a dream job. Please send your questions about the site, technical inquiries, praise and spare change to me, cubeman@newsguy.com. We are always open to suggestions about how to make chelseacharms.com more enjoyable for everyone.

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On the VIDEOS, PHOTOS, NEWSLETTER and COMIC pages you will find links to many of the previous updates in those categories.

Updates older than those are in Chelsea's VAULT, conveniently ZIPPED for easy download, and available for a nominal fee.

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